Our Staff Team

The team of staff within nursery are carefully chosen to reflect a balance of qualifications, experience and abilities, regardless of age, sex, disability and ethnicity.

All staff are fully checked for suitability through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) before they are able to work alongside the children.

The primary role of the Disclosure and Barring Service is to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups including children.

The DBS established under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and merges the functions previously carried our by Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

The Management Team


Jennie Pallett (BA Hons) Strategic Manager/Owner

"Hi I'm Jennie! After over 30 years experience in childcare I feel blessed everyday with the opportunity to provide quality support for many young children in their early years and their families! I am very proud of Lilliput Lodge and all that we have to offer so please do come along and see us, you are guaranteed to be met with a very warm welcome!"


Gemma Parker (Level 5) Operational Manager/ Designated Safeguarding Lead/ SENCO

"Hi, Im Gemma! I have been a part of the Lilliput family for 10 years, starting my journey as an apprentice and now very proud to say I am the Manager of this wonderful nursery! I have a passion for early years education and love to support the team to create an exciting, stimulating provision where all children are nurtured to reach their full potential. I am also the nursery SENCO and Gifted and Talented Coordinator meaning that I am on hand to support both children who have difficulties or disabilities as well as those who are excelling in any areas of their development!"


Marie Macbeth (Level 3) Deputy Manager for Provision/ Behaviour Co-Ordinator/Forest School Leader/Lead Officer for H&S

"Hi, I am Marie! I have been at Lilliput for 12 years and have loved every moment of my time here! I love to get engaged in children's play, letting them take the lead and seeing where it takes us! I spend a lot of time developing warm and nurturing relationships with the children in my care, ensuring that young children feel safe and secure in an environment that is bursting with love! In my role I get to spend time across the whole nursery supporting the whole team to develop their provision in order to ensure it is exciting and engaging for the children. I also support with planning and assessments to ensure that they are acurate and reflect a true picture of each and every child in our care.

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Samreena Daud (Level 3) Senior Practitioner/ The Nest and Hive Room Leader /Student Co-ordinator

"Hello, I'm Sam! I am fascinated by the impact that quality early years education and care can have on young children and in particularly how important it is to ensure that our Little Bears receive the right opportunities to stimulate their growing minds! You will often find me outdoors with the children, exploring our wonderful surroundings and getting messy in the mud, sand and water play! As Senior Practitioner I also offer support across the whole nursery and take a lead in staff and student monitoring and supervision.

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Kelly Butts (Level 3) Advanced Early Years Educator for Big Bears Lodge

"Hi, I'm Kelly! I lead Big Bears and am here to ensure that the oldest children in nursery have an array of wonderful opportunities to excite them! With a particular emphasis on being outdoors, I especially love the area of 'Understanding of the World' and enjoy setting up exciting experiments or helping the children to discover more about the natural world around them! As children approach their transition to school I will be hand to support both them and their parents and help to prepare the children for what lies ahead whilst still ensuring the focus remains on play, developing friendships and encouraging independence!


Raquila Russell (Level 2) Advanced Early Years Educator for Busy Bears Lodge

"I'm Raquila and I currently lead Busy Bears and work very closely alongside Kelly with the Big Bears too! I am always in the thick of children's play and believe in creating a language rich environment. I also believe it is so important to develop close bonds and relationships with the children in order to support their personal, social and emotional development and so spend plenty of time engaged in circle time activities, reading stories and encouraging the children to share experiences and memories from home too!

Early Years Educators


Kelly Dolan (Level 3) Science Coordinator

"Hi, I'm Kelly! I have worked at Lilliput for 8 years and have gained experience across all age groups during this time! I can currently be found in Big Bears where I enjoy supporting the children with their learning! I love to plan meaningful experiences for the children, ensuring I take time to get to know both the little ones and their families so to better meet individual needs. I am also the Literacy Co-ordinator and so focus upon supporting children's early literacy skills, from recognising environmental print to playing with words and sounds!


Helen Wisnicki (Level 3) Enhancement Co-ordinator/ENCO

"Hi, Its me Helen! After being part of the Lilliput team for 9 years I have gained plenty of experience in entertaining and educating your little ones! I love to laugh and bring a sense of wonder to children's play and you will often find me engaged in Messy Play or dressing up in the role play area! I am the Enhancement Coordinator which means that I plan weekly activities for the children covering topics such as foreign languages, cooking and geography! I am also the settings ENCO (Equality Named Coordinator) which means that I take overall responsibility in ensuring Lilliput offers equal opportunities to all and that all staff are supported in providing inclusive activities and environments."

Advanced Early Years Support Practitioners

Amy Lovelock (Working towards Level 2)

Hannah Butts (Working towards Level 2)

Melissa Curran(Working towards Level 2)

Early Years Support Practitioners


Jean Forrest (Level 1)

"Its me Jean! Those of you who know me will know that I am Lilliput Lodge's very own burst of sunshine! I am always full of energy and smiles and will ensure that each child settles in to nursery life and is fully engaged in all that there is on offer! I have an infection laugh and a real sense of fun and love spending my mornings with little ones, making a difference to their early years!"


Jan Collins (Level 1)

"Hello, I'm Jan and I am one of Lilliput Lodge's most long serving members of staff! I love seeing how much little ones change and grow during their time with us and am always on hand to offer any support that may be required across nursery! I am also one of the nursery cleaners and so work hard behind closed doors to make sure that Lilliput is always clean and tidy too!"


Wonetta Harris (Level 3)

"Hello, i'm Wonetta! I am based in Cubs and love spending my time with the babies here at Lilliput! I love to give them warm cuddles and to make the little ones laugh as well as ensuring that their needs are always met! You will find me singing nursery rhymes or helping the children to use their senses to discover the world around them! Sometimes I will also help with the cooking, preparing delicious meals for the children!


Rajwant Kaur (Level 2)

"Hello everybody, i'm Raj! With my warm, welcoming smile I am always on hand to offer reassurance to parents and plenty of cuddles for the Cubs! I love being the children's playmate, always becoming involved in their explorations and expanding their understanding, communication and language and their physical development too!"